True Light Middle School of Hong Kong Kindergarten




各位真光大家庭的成員,大家好! 受疫情影響,今年校慶感恩會未能在百齡堂舉行,但我們的感恩不曾間斷;通過網絡的傳送,我們能夠讓更多的真光人一起數算主恩,並分享校慶的喜悅。 誠邀大家點擊以下連結,齊參與「真光創校148周年、香港真光中學85周年校慶感恩會」。 頌讚、榮耀、感謝都歸於我們的上帝,直到永永遠遠。阿們!

Dear Members of the True Light Family, Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the School Anniversary Thanksgiving Service regrettably cannot be held in the School Hall this year. However, with our thanksgiving always going on, more TrueLighters are blessed with the opportunity to count our blessings and share the joy of the school anniversary on the Internet. You are cordially invited to join the “148th Anniversary of the Establishment of the True Light School, TLMSHK 85th School Anniversary Thanksgiving Service” via this link Praise and glory and thanks be to our God for ever and ever. Amen.

幼稚園部校長 岑佩珍